Denmark St Forgotten – Edward Rogers – 2016 -

Denmark St – The Cradles – November 2015 -

The Destruction Of London – The Bermondsey Joyriders – 2016 -

Denmark Place – Koozie Johns – Live @ 12 Bar Club 24/02/2015 -

12 Bar Night – London Sewage Company – February 2016 -

Seize The Night – Will Varley – January 2016 -

The November Five at The Denmark St Festival 26/10/2014 -

Big City – Eryx London – December 2015 -

Last Man Standing in Tin Pan Alley – CATS In SPACE – October 2015 -

The One Show in Tin Pan Alley - Engelbert & Jools Holland on The One Show BBC 1 on 19/11/2014

ITV News feature – Give the street protected status - Toby Sadler ITV 6 O'Clock News 12/11/2014

Michael Monroe talks about Dead Hearts On Denmark Street – October 15th 2015 -


BBC TV News – London - Alice Salfield reporter for BBC 6 O'Clock News 26/10/2014

Dead Hearts On Denmark Street – Michael Monroe – 15.10.2015 -

Denmark Street – Cleaners From Venus -2015 -

Denmark Street – Bart van de Post and Pete Korving – 2015 -

Lions of Charing Cross – The Blow Monkeys – 2015 -

Denmark Street – Band of Holy Joy – Live @ The 12 Bar Club 2008 -

LITTLE BARRIE at The Denmark St Festival 26/10/2014 -

THE BERMONDSEY JOYRIDERS at The Denmark St Festival 26/10/2014 -

I have worked in Denmark Street for 30 years, and my father (creator of Me & My Gal – the musical) thirty years before that, at number 24 and then 19, and to lose the street from the music industry roots would be cultural vandalism

Alex Armitage – MD of The Noel Gay Organisation at 19 Denmark St -

Lambeth Walk - Me & My Gal 1939

Tim Arnold on BBC London News – Save Soho & St Giles - BBC News 07.01.2015

Bitter Fingers – Elton John – 1974 – with Lyrics! -

Henry Scott-Irvine @ The Forge/12 Bar Club – 31.01.2015 -

Drift Report – ‘Occupy at the 12 Bar’ – 25.01.2015 -

Bermondsey Joyriders at Denmark Street (Rooftop Rock) -

The Demise Of Denmark St – A Documentary Feature Film – Coming Soon -

Henry Scott-Irvine re 12 Bar Squatted (for 2 & 1/2 weeks) 22.01.2015 -


Sex Pistol Glen Matlock and MP Frank Dobson - BBC 1’s Sunday Politics – London 11/01/2015 -

The Ghosts Of Denmark Street – Glamweazel – Angel Air Records – May 2015 -

Nirvana (The original) in Denmark St – Danish TV 1969 @ 7 mins in -

Zombies of The Outernet & The Now Building (under construction NOW) – Hearse Pileup – 2014 -

Denmark Street – Band Of Holy Joy – 2007 [CD Version] -

Denmark Street – The Kinks – 1970 -

Denmark Street – Vampire Junkies featuring Texas Terri – 2013 -

Sex Pistols In Denmark St – ITV London Tonight – 02.12.2011 -

“I bought my drum kit from Andy’s Drum Store in Denmark Street and I recorded many drums sessions at Regent Sounds at number 4 Denmark Street”

Mick Avory – The Kinks - drummer 1964-1984

VIDEO: The Kinks - Denmark Street - 1971

“It’s a piece of London’s musical history and it should to be preserved. We lost The Marquee & The Astoria, but Ronnie Scott’s & The 100 Club were saved, so there is hope”

Dave Ball – Soft Cell -

VIDEO: Tainted Love - Soft Cell

“Once it’s gone, it’s gone, and London needs to retain its history for future generations”

Will Birch – The Records/The Kursaal Flyers - musician, drummer, songwriter in The Kursaal Flyers and The Records; and author of No Sleep Till Canvey Island plus Ian Dury – The Definitive Biography.

VIDEO: The Kursaal Flyers - The Street Of The Music

“… yet another corporate entity puts “the heart and soul back” into a beloved institution by ripping it out altogether”  Marc Burrows in The Guardian’s Music Blog Online January 20th 2015

Marc Burrows – Stand Up Comedian & Journalist -

Marc Burrows at The Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Denmark Street was an important part of my life during my career in music, as it had been for my uncle before me in the 1940s and 1950s. There’s too much history here for its destruction to be warranted: on the contrary, it should be designated an area of special historical interest.

Stephanie De Sykes - The [late] singer

VIDEO: Stephanie de sykes & Rain - Born with a smile on my face

I am happy to become The Chairman of The Save Denmark St Campaign, for which I will work exclusively when I retire from parliament at the end of March 2015 (stated 11th February 2015) The Right Honourable Frank Dobson MP – Former Minister for Health

The Right Honourable Frank Dobson MP – Former Minister for Health -

Frank Dobson speaking on our behalf on BBCTV's The Sunday Politics

“Denmark St is an oasis of interesting MUSIC dens and community bolt holes in an otherwise exhausting and impersonal area. The musis shops speak of thousands of international hopefuls coming to London with their ambitions and dreams. the 12 Bar club is a street level ACCESSIBLE venue which welcomes all types to play in. Don’t let London become a place for the INTERNATIONAL RICH ONLY!”

Dave Graney – The Moodists - singer-songwriter

VIDEO: The Moodists "Double Life"
  • “I was in the Amen Corner band whose office Galaxy Entertainments was situated in Denmark Street during the late sixties.The street needs to recognised for its importance to the music industry” [The Amen Corner recorded at Regent Sound Studios, too]

Alan Jones – The Amen Corner -



The 12 Bar Beat – The Bermondsey Joyriders – 2014 -

“Save Denmark St for the importance of rock history. I myself was in Denmark Street in the summer of 1965, and among the people I met were Donovan (at the beginning of his career), Mitch Mitchell (became the drummer in Jimi Hendrix Experience the year after), Graham Bonney (became later a superstar in Germany), Davie Jones (who became David Bowie a couple of months later) and Phil May and Viv Prince in The Pretty Things.”

Ulf Krange - Artist


“I first knew it as a haven for music publishers. I worked at a hairdressers suppliers named Ledenois where the Giaconda used to be. That was in 1961. I used to eat lunch at an Italian cafe where the 12 Bar is now and also recorded at Regent Sound a number of times in the early 60s. Thank you for doing this Henry – Albert Lee, Malibu, California”

Albert Lee - guitarist with Eric Clapton's outifts, The Everly Brothers, Emmylou Harris's Hot Band, Heads Hand & Feet

VIDEO: The Eric Clapton Guitar Fetival CROSSROADS 2010 USA

“I suppose you could say that British ‘Punk Rock’ started here at the rear of number 6 Denmark Street, when the Sex Pistols moved in!”

Glen Matlock – The Sex Pistols, The Rich Kids, The Philistines - Sex Pistol's original bassist and songwriter

VIDEO: Sex PisTOls Denmark Street

“Denmark Street is a precious piece of history”

Chas McDevitt – Skiffle’s godfather - legendary Skiffle writer/player

VIDEO: Freight Train

The destruction of rock’n’roll culture throughout Britain continues – Lydon predicted it in ‘Anarchy’, the amount of venues they are closing for more developments is countrywide …

Alan McGee – Founder of Creation Records -

Alan McGee on Creation Management

“Worth pointing out that the record labels and publishers continued to have offices in Denmark Street long after the 70s. Acid Jazz, Shut Up & Dance and Brainiac were all at 21 in the early 1990s, Sunday Best were at 23 until quite recently, and in between all sorts of labels, studios, press companies, and musical detritus filled the offices above the guitar shops”  Guardian Letter of January 21st [Very important point well made sir, says Henry of Save Denmark St Campaign] Mobley 66

Mobley -

I ran the legendary Tin Pan Studios during the 80’s where I created produced many great tracks, with musicians ranging from Jimmy Cliff to psychobilly bands like the Rapids and many more. Denmark Street is the historic beating heart of the UK music industry. It must be saved

Paul Stewart – Producer - Studio Manager at Tin Pan Alley Studios

VIDEO: JX MOYLE recording at Denmark St Studios

“The UK scene has given birth to hundreds of world class, iconic legends – a huge number of which got their start on Denmark Street. Even the ones who came from other parts of the UK flocked to Denmark Street. The amount of money, prestige, credibility and UK branding that these musical acts have earned this country is incalculable. Denmark Street is world famous. Tearing any shops or floors down would be an act of abject stupidity. The short sightedness of said destruction is wrong and would permanently erase this organic, original heritage site which continues to thrive – it is no mere shrine to the past. On any given day dozens of bands perform and rehearse there and many more guitars are sold per week. One needs only to visit the retch inducing horror story that is The Cavern and all the cheesy Beatle cash-ins on Mathew Street, Liverpool to see what would replace this fabulous beating heart of London’s cultural life. DO NOT LET THIS PROPOSED REDEVELOPMENT HAPPEN. Has everybody lost their minds in Camden Council Planning Department? English Heritage, please do what you were set up to do and save one of the UK’s most treasured and invaluable assets.”

Stephen Dale Petit - blues musician/guitarist

VIDEO: Stephen Dale Petit & Mick Taylor - A Better Answer
  • “History that should not be forgotten. As the ‘N’Betweens/Slade we made our first record there in 1966 at Regent Sound studios. The Stones also used the same studio in their time”

Don Powell – Slade -

VIDEO: Slade - Coz I Luv You 1971

“We need to keep open a well established Rock ‘n’ Roll venue cos too many have closed down leaving nowhere for new talent to show their stuff” Re the 12 Bar Club at 26 Denmark Street

Billy Rath - the {late} bassist from Johnny Thunders Heartbreakers

VIDEO: Johnny Thunders & the Heartbreakers: Chinese Rocks

Denmark Street is also about to be turned into one of those faceless areas with a thin veneer of pretend culture slapped on top is fooling no-one apart from the developer who is imposing his own personal vision on the area – a bit like when he moved the Marquee and destroyed a much loved venue …What kind of vision is this from the top? Where does Boris Johnson fit into all of this? Is there any kind of leadership or vision? That cuddly man of the people thing was always a bit of a joke really as he turns the city into a playground for the rich with no questions asked. This could be the mayor that killed the golden goose with a short sited greed. – See more at:

John Robb – Journalist, Commentator, Musician, Singer -

The Membranes @ The 12 Bar Club

I would like to retain some of the reasons why people visit London, rather than turn it into yet another brand theme park

Miranda Sawyer – BBCTV’s The Culture Show - journalist

Miranda Sawyer & Lady Gaga on BBC TV

“The 12 Bar is an historic building, a unique music venue and a cultural landmark with an extraordinary musical history. Whatever the developers are planning to do with this venue and this street, it can be nowhere near as useful to the musical community, or the community as a whole, as this wonderful venue has been for as many years as I can remember. Please protect the 12 Bar and Denmark St.”

Sylvie Simmons - author, journalist, musician

VIDEO: Sylvie Simmons Famous Blue Raincoat @ Chez Andre NYC

“The developers say they are not demolishing Denmark Street, but it seems the street is being redeveloped. Shop space is being vastly reduced, and the rents will surely go up. I’d hate to think Denmark St – London’s Tin Pan Alley – might be lost to redevelopment. These unique music shops could be priced out of existence in the wake of Crossrail… Progress is important, but so are the landmarks of our great city!”

Pete Townshend - The Who

VIDEO: The Who - Who Are You?

“It seems like the voice of music has been lost in the decision-making process around Soho generally and Denmark Street in particular, which is sad, given the history of the place.”

Frank Turner – Musician & Journalist -

Frank Turner Live At Wembley

Historically, it’s the centre of the UK Music Industry and it would be criminal to disregard that heritage

Geoff Whitehorn – Procol Harum - lead guitarist in Procol Harum since 1991, also Elkie Brooks' guitarist and Roger Chapman's guitarist

VIDEO: Procol Harum Conquistador 2006

“I am genuinely terrified that London, the city I was born in, is being sold off, out priced and shut down slowly and methodically.Old cultural centres, youth centres, venues and creative spaces are closing or up rooting and moving away to other UK cities because of developments, shopping centres and expensive flats. I am fearful that London will become clean, sterile, inaccessible and bland. A place for the rich with no expressive space for the artistic classes. So much culture has come out of London, so much culture has come out of your borough. It’s been exported internationally and led the world in artistic movements for decades.Tin Pan Alley only adds and enriches this culture. Please preserve it!”

Jeremy X - musician

VIDEO: A Time Lapse Demolition of the London Astoria