Pete Townshend Says “Who’s With Me?”

Pete Townshend  – The Who (Published in The Times newspaper)

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“I understand the need for progress and change. Crossrail is vitally important to London’s prosperity, and I support it despite the chaos it’s brought to London traffic, especially around Soho. Eventually we hope it will reduce traffic as more people use the train.

But to use this essential rail service as an excuse to change the funky and hearty face of the Soho streets is wrong.

The developers say they are not demolishing Denmark Street, but it seems the street is being redeveloped. Shop space is being vastly reduced, and the rents will surely go up. I’d hate to think Denmark St – London’s Tin Pan Alley – might be lost to redevelopment. These unique music shops could be priced out of existence in the wake of Crossrail.

In the sixties I bought fuzz boxes and strings for my guitars from Macari’s guitar shop in Denmark Street. The Who did a backing vocal rehearsal with Shel Talmy in Denmark Street at Regent Sounds in 1964. I used to shop at the Drum Store when living in nearby Wardour Street, Soho.

Boris Johnson and Camden Council please make Denmark Street a Heritage Zone. Otherwise a massive chunk of rock music history will be lost forever.

Progress is important, but so are the local landmarks of our great city”

Pete Townshend  December 2014


Richard Picking

Saving Denmark Street is vital. Its where the music started, not just in London but across the world.

It’s just as important to London as many other priced locations and must not be allowed to be dumped under the developers shovel.

Felicia Davis-Burden

Thank you Pete, my No.1 music hero for coming out fighting for Denmark Street. Denmark Street means so much to music lovers and musicians alike.


The West End is finished…..Of interest only to Breadheads,Tourists and Traffic Wardens.


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